“Difficult things can only be tackled from easy ones. Great undertakings have small beginnings” This is a hard work. On the other side, this is a simple work. It is not easy to do everything well on your own part.

Company News

Qingdao CTC Feed Corp.: National 2015-03-22
Animal immuonutrition and health summit forum in Shenyang 2014-06-23
Dairy farming technology training class 2014-06-23
CTC was invited to attend dinner party held by alfalfa hay producer of Spain. 2014-06-23
The Twelfth (2014) China Animal Husbandry Expo. 2014-06-23
Qingdao CTC Production and Sales News 2014-03-13
CTC 2014 Planning Conference 2013-12-27
2013 CTC Agricultural Product Safety Training Sessions 2013-12-27
Seminar on Food related FDA Regulations and QA Improvement 2013-09-24
Agriculture Experts Visited Shangdong CTC 2013-09-06
World Dairy Expo & Summit / China' 2013 was held in Nanchang from June1 to June 3, 2013 2013-09-06
The Taian Dairy Roughage Seminar 2013-09-06
Qingdao Modern Dairy Technology Interecommunions 2013-09-06
Shandong trade forum for the usage and production of high-quality feed 2013-09-06
Establish special working teams 2013-08-07
Establish special working teams 2013-08-07
吉林市项目检查团考察调研 2013-08-07

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