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Good recipes need to be supported by high quality ingredients. Qingdao CTC  provides our customers with quality raw materials and feed products to meet their needs.

Functionality: High standard feedstuffs that improve nutritional structure and optimize pro-biotic feeds.

Palatability:  Feeds from selected raw material sources to satisfy animal taste buds and improve their feed intake. 

Digestibility : Specialized technology to reduce anti-nutritional factors and maximize product function.


Qingdao CTC Feed Corp. will be featuring China World Dairy Exp – April 22nd to 24th, 2015 – Harbin City, China 03-25
Qingdao CTC Feed Corp.: National 03-22
A concentrated low-fiber form can be still included in layer diets to promote a more 01-13
CTC gained national patents 08-31
Animal immuonutrition and health summit forum in Shenyang 06-23
Dairy farming technology training class 06-23
CTC was invited to attend dinner party held by alfalfa hay producer of Spain. 06-23
The Twelfth (2014) China Animal Husbandry Expo. 06-23
Qingdao CTC Production and Sales News 03-13
CTC 2014 Planning Conference 12-27
2013 CTC Agricultural Product Safety Training Sessions 12-27
Seminar on Food related FDA Regulations and QA Improvement 09-24
中华人民共和国农业部公告 第1971号 07-29
农业部关于公开征求《饲料添加剂品种目录(2013)》(征求意见稿)意见的通知 07-05
中华人民共和国农业部公告第1224号 05-29
中华人民共和国农业部公告 第1939号 05-14
农业部:进口饲料和饲料添加剂登记公告 04-17
农业部关于发布《饲料原料目录》修订意见的通知(农办牧[2013]11号) 04-08
农业部1903号公告:进口饲料和饲料添加剂登记管理办法 03-13
《饲料工业“十二五”发展规划》(全文) 03-12

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