Safety is the most important part of feed production. Qingdao CTC Feed Corp. adheres to standards higher than national raw material standards. CTC has strict safety production system in order to ensure all products traceable. CTC supplies high quality control and healthy feed raw materials and products.



The GMA-SAFE Assessment is widely regarded as the most reliable and practical 


auditing standard for global food industry. It was created in 2001 by leading food 


industry's quality assurance professionals and members of the Grocery Manufacturers 




The GMA-SAFE Assessment, which offers the most comprehensive food protection 


evaluation available, consists of six industry specific assessments (Food Protection, 


Primary Packaging, Aseptic, Warehouse/ Distribution, Spice and Dairy) plus a shorter 


yet thorough Safe Express Assessment.    



On October 28, 2011, Qingdao CTC Feed Corp. successfully passed the audit conducted 


by United States GMA-SAFE assessment group, and  obtained a GMA Safe certificate, 


thus it became one of the few feed producing enterprises in China that have passed such 




After careful inspection,  US auditors gave a high rating to our  production equipment 


and management system. Qingdao CTC Feed Corp. was found to have fully met the 


requirements of GMA-Safe standards. 


As a responsible international feed production enterprise, Qingdao CTC Feed Corp. is 


determined to supply high quality, safe and reliable products to our customers, because 


we recognize that feed safety is directly related to food safety which is of vital 


importance to the health of animals. 


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