Safety is the most important part of feed production. Qingdao CTC Feed Corp. adheres to standards higher than national raw material standards. CTC has strict safety production system in order to ensure all products traceable. CTC supplies high quality control and healthy feed raw materials and products.


In accordance with the regulations made by 2006 Food Safety Management System, The 
general  manager of CTC  issued " The Quality Control Manual" in 2009 which stipulates 
specific standards for quality management and food safety management of our company. 
At the same time, a special HACCP work team was established to implement the policy.
In consideration of our processing characteristics, CTC conducted hazard analysis and 
created an  HACCT plan that identifies the critical controlling point for every product, 
from material selection through to finished product. Such strict quality control measures 
ensure our products are all up to the high standards we set for the production line.
CTC holds annual training courses of HACCP management for our employees. In 
addition, strict internal audits are conducted twice every year to  identify and correct the 
non-conformance within the company system, thus enabling CTC to successfully pass 
the annual external quality inspections.  
Like previous times, CTC passed the sixth external audit on July 6,  2013  and received 
the official certificate.

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