To our enterprise, safety means not just workplace safety, but most importantly, safety of 
 our feed products. Since safety has always been placed first priority among CTC's 
 objectives, our products are well trusted by customers worldwide, and we have become 
 one of the top producers of quality raw feedstuffs. 

About Us


Established in 2004, Qindao CTC Feed Corp. is a Canadian-owned enterprise which is 

located in Qindao Laixi Economic Development Zone, the place chosen for its unique 

advantages in transportation and resources. Our products are exported to countries such 

as Canada, USA, England, Middle East countries, Japan, S.Korea, Taiwan, etc. CTC's 

business philosophy emphasizes environment protection, pioneer spirit and global 

harmony. We believe producing safe and pollution-free products is of vital importance to  

feed industry. With large scale drying , mixing and pelleting equipment, CTC has strong 

production capacity and a very effective quality control system. 

Our main products are plant feedstuffs including dried apple pomace, brewer's grains, 

seaweed meal, peanut stalk pellet, stevia meal, sweet potato pellets, imported American 

alfalfa hay and so on. These feed stuffs are widely used in areas of stockbreeding, 

agricultural industry and formula feed for poultry. Our products are particularly good for 

feeding ruminant animals, which typically requires crude fiber, crude protein, energy and 

other nutritional components of roughage.

Approved by Chinese Import and Export Inspection and Quarantine Bureau , CTC has 

served customers around the word, and has enjoyed a good reputation on  domestic as 

well as international markets. In addition to our continuous efforts in finding new 

feedstuffs, we are also seeking cooperation opportunities in order to partner with 

international enterprises that provide quality feed and advanced equipment, so that we 

can develop China and Asian markets together which have huge business potentials .

Qingdao CTC Feed Corp welcomes you to visit our website as well as our manufactory 

and do business with us. 


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